1800 Calorie Diabetes Diet

By | May 8, 2012

Have you ever heard of the 1800 calorie diabetes diet? If you haven’t, this article is for you.

We all have heard of some form of diet or another being introduced into the fitness arena every year. While most of these diets are focused on helping people lose weight fast, others are more specific and help patients with health conditions to keep track of what they eat. When you are a diabetic you would need to find a diet that not only helps maintain your blood glucose levels, but one that would also help you loses weight. Many diabetics fail to realize the impact their weight could have on their overall fitness in addition to their blood sugar levels. The 1800 calorie diet helps you to find that right balance.

What is the 1800 calorie diabetes diet?

1800 Calorie Diabetes DietThis is a diet that aims to help you eat a certain number of calories per day across different food groups, but counting the calories in each. The 1800 calorie diabetes diet can be followed over a period of either 5 days or for those of you wishing to drag it for a longer period, 28 days.

You will be able to find different sample diet plans and food lists online to help you identify which foods to eat and in what combination. The diet typically includes the three main meals and also a few snacks throughout the day.

The meals typically include meat, a salad, a portion of nuts and some type of starchy food such as a slice or two of brown bread. They may also contain certain types of fruit and greens.

The snacks may include an apple or cracker for example, with a glass of milk (not whole).

It is also possible for you to exchange a portion of one type of food for another in the same group, by following the “diabetes exchange diet”.

Choosing from different 1800 calorie diet plans

There are different versions of 1800 calories diabetes diet .It is always best that you speak to your nutritionist regarding a diet plan that would specifically work for you. The diet plan would consist of a different menu for each day of the diet, at the end of which you will know how to control your food on normal days as well.

How will the diet help?

This type of diet helps diabetics because the food that is recommended is packed with nutrition but is also low in sugar content. They also take into account other complications that may arise from diabetes, such as kidney problems and heart disease, and ensure that the foods are not fatty and have lower sodium content.

What you need to keep in mind is that diabetes cannot be controlled by watching your food intake alone, you will also have to take the right medication prescribed by your doctor, or in serious cases, would require insulin. In addition to this, you would also need to incorporate into your lifestyle a good fitness routine with exercises that would help you lose weight, and would go well with your 1800 calorie diabetes diet.

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