Eight To Eat for Diabetics

By | November 17, 2012

1. Natural real honey or raw honey. Raw honey can help regulate blood sugar levels. They have good antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. They increase your immune system and increase your body’s healing power. It is very good for treating diabetic ulcers. They are even good for managing bad odor and bad breath. They are also good for the skin. Just a reminder, don’t use metal spoon or any serving material when you take your real honey because the active components in honey can react with metal. Use wooden spoon.
Eight To Eat for Diabetics
Honey is also rich in Vitamin B complex that is very good for the nerves and gut. Diabetes affects your nervous system negatively. Honey will help you with this. Diabetes often causes tiredness and fatigue. It helps you to recover lost energy. Another good quality of real honey is safety. It does not spoil due to its natural preservative qualities and antibacterial properties.
2. Yogurt is high in calcium, a weight-loss agent. It will help you maintain your body weight, thus, helping you to become less likely to resist insulin. When you choose yogurt, choose the plain nonfat one. Add natural fruits if you want the added flavor.
Eight To Eat for Diabetics
Yogurt is also good for digestion. You can eat yogurt as a substitute for ice cream which is strongly discouraged for diabetic patients. You can also use this as substitute for your high-fat cream on your salads.
3. Cassava. This is also known as tapioca or sweet potato. Steamed not fried. It is a very good source of fiber and substitute for rice.
Eight To Eat for Diabetics
It is good for metabolism, and is even known to release bad gases. Eat in moderation as this is also high in carbohydrates.
4. Berries such as strawberries, cranberries and blueberries are good sources of antioxidants such as anthocyanins and vitamins such as vitamin C to increase your body resistance to infections and for faster healing.
5. Eat high fiber for breakfast so you eat less throughout the day. High fiber also aids in digestion and prevents constipation. The “full” feeling helps to prevent you from eating more unhealthy food.
6. Fish. Fat from fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that increase your good cholesterol. It also decreases your triglycerides. Steamed fish is best. Or you may prepare your fish meal using olive oil and healthy spices. Eight To Eat for DiabeticsWhen you have diabetes, you also need to closely monitor your cholesterol levels. Salmon is one of the best sources. Fish is also your protein source without the “bad fat”.
7. Moderate amount of nuts. They help reduce your resistance to insulin and help to control your blood sugar. They are also good sources of Vitamin E that is a known antioxidant and good for the heart, prevents skin aging and helps prevent nerve and eye damage. Diabetes causes blurred vision and damage to your nerves causing tingling and numbness.
8. Lady’s Fingers. This vegetable is very good for diabetics. It is used for weight loss due to its high amounts of linoleic acid and oleic acid. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber and folic acid which is essential for diabetics. Folic acid is good for gum problems that are also a known effect or symptom of diabetes.
Eight To Eat for Diabetics
The best way to serve Lady’s Fingers or Okra is by simply steaming it to avoid using cooking oil or other agents that will forfeit the healthy purpose of eating it.

Eight To Eat for Diabetics
Article Name
Eight To Eat for Diabetics
If you are diabetic, here are 8 foods that you need to consider in your diet.

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